In today’s post-Covid reality with shortages of every product, reaction times can mean the difference between getting what you need or missing out altogether. Sloane has developed a Financial Product for cargoes which allows a rapid response to procure what the client needs.

Speed + Safety= Successful Sourcing.

Clients trust Sloane to deal with guaranteed providers of goods and services to reduce reliance on Letters of Credit (LCs) for international trade since LCs can be slow and cumbersome to use and they are certainly expensive.

Under Sloane’s trade solutions, clients can pay upfront with the assurance that their money is safe and that they will get what they ordered exactly in accordance with their specifications.

  • Sloane finds providers.
  • Sloane guarantees the transaction.
  • Sloane structures the deal in such a way that the client is assured of receiving the product which has been ordered.
  • Sloane gives better rates than those charged using LCs.

Sloane can move quickly to secure products with funds held in multicurrency accounts to minimize the time and cost of purchasing essential goods across global markets.